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Cigna Medicare Advantage 2022

Cigna Corporation is an ever-growing, reliable medical health insurance company. It was founded in 1982. Today, it is present in over 30 countries, with above 170 million customers around the globe. It boasts a network of over 74,000 healthcare professionals.

While Cigna provides services mainly to United States citizens, they also extend their services to select international markets.   Their primary obligation is to give quality care to customers and help them maintain their health as they grow older.

Cigna Medicare Advantage plans

Cigna Healthspring offers Medicare advantage plans in 18 states here in the United States. There is a range of Medicare Advantage, or Part C plans that Cigna sells to policyholders. Apart from Original Medicare Parts A and B coverage, Cigna provides dental, vision, and hearing aids. You also get other fitness and health coaching programs at no cost. The available plans may vary in each state and region.

Cigna Medicare Advantage 2022

 Cigna Medicare Advantage plans 2022 may include:

  • Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Exclusive provider organization (EPO)
  • Private Fee for Service (PFFS)
  • Medical Savings Account (MSA)
  • Special Needs Plan (SNP)

Cigna Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organisation Plan 2022:

In this plan, you get to choose from a network of local health service providers, which includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. Cigna provides an out-of-network opportunity for medical emergencies only. You must have a primary care provider (PCP) that coordinates your health care.

The PCP handles your referrals, in case you ever require a specialist.

The copay and coinsurance of other medical advantage plans are usually higher than that of other MA plans. 

Cigna Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organisation 2022:

Selecting a primary care provider is not necessary for a PPO, and referrals are not needed to see consultants.

Cigna has a network of more than 1 million health care providers and their establishments. So, you can choose a consultant from the system. There are about 68,000 of them in the system. Cigna also has more than 500 hospitals in their Hospital Quality Incentive Program.

You also don’t have to get service from a network provider. Although, using a Cigna network provider saves you more money as it reduces your out-of-pocket cost.

Cigna Medicare Advantage HMO point of service 2022:

Cigna HMO-POS 2022 balances HMO and PPO. In this plan, you still need to have a primary care provider from the network. Ideally, you have a smaller network of providers than HMO. You also get referrals from your PCP to see a specialist. But HMO allows you to see an out-of-network provider for a slightly higher Out-of-pocket cost.

Cigna Medicare Advantage Exclusive Provider Organisation 2022:

This plan doesn’t cost as much as the PPO. It offers a low premium and a high deductible. EPO gives you a local network of health care providers to choose from. This plan requires a PCP sometimes, but you don’t need a PCP to see an expert. You also don’t need referrals during an emergency.

Cigna Medicare Advantage Private Fee for Service 20220:

Cigna PFFS is the most flexible of all Cigna Medicare Advantage plans. You neither need a PCP or referral to see a specialist. You can go to any medically approved professionals that recognize PFFS plans. You pay for each service received in this plan; therefore, the plan is somewhat costly. And the health care provider can choose to accept or reject your PFFS.

Cigna Medicare Savings Account 2022:

This plan is a mixture of one of the highly deductible plans with an active bank account that Cigna deposits money into every year. These deposits cover your health care expenses.

 Cigna Special Needs Plan 2022:

These plans are reasonable for patients with continual health issues, like cancer and other health diseases. Cigna offers different types of SNP, which are Dual SNP, Chronic SNP, and Institutional SNP.

It is essential to consider your budget, health condition, and comfort before choosing a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan 2022. Make sure you pick a plan suitable for you. You can also check if your current health care provider is already a part of the Cigna plan. You can check the website to weigh your options. With that, you would choose the most suitable plan for you.