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Medicare Advantage Plans in Washington State 2022

Under Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), the purpose is to provide another method of obtaining your coverage of Medicare benefits. All plans under Medicare Advantage are provided by all private sector insurance carriers and become outsourced to them. With Medicare itself, it consists of two parts: Part A = hospital coverage and Part B = medical coverage. With plans under Medicare Advantage, the benefits are required to be the exact same as regular Medicare. The nice thing is that many plans under Medicare Advantage offer a lot more services than what is required. A few examples of these include coverage for prescriptions, fitness plans, and even vision plans.

When you have Washington state Medicare Advantage plans explained fully, you will have complete knowledge and understanding of everything concerning them and the plans. When it comes to the plans, you need to make sure to compare the best plans and know that the plan you desire is available in your area. A few examples of the plan types available include Special Needs Plans, HMO provider plan, or Preferred Provider plan.

Joining a Washington Medicare Advantage Plan

It’s important to understand that every plan offered through Medicare Advantage is not the same. This is why you need to research and find out everything about the available plans. After you do, you’ll be able to understand the process of joining and be able to:

• Get ahold of Medicare directly to sign up
• Contact your preferred Medicare Advantage provider directly
• Take advantage of the plan finder through Medicare
• Find out about signing up online with your plan
• Obtain a paper form for enrollment and send it back

Prior to joining Medicare Advantage Plans in WA State For 2022, you need to ensure that you provide the following information:

• Effective date of your Medicare Part A/B
• The identifying card number

The Medicare card you receive will have the necessary details to make a smooth enrollment.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Washington State 2022

Be aware that Advantage plans are forbidden from contacting prospective enrollees in their plans. The only exception is if you request a call to be made. Plus, you should never be asked for any banking details or requesting payment. If any of this occurs, you should immediately contact Medicare to report the plan.

Comparing Available Plans In Washington

As you compare best plans in Washington, there are a few points to take into account first.

  • Take a look at the entire plan’s details and fine print and not just the cost. You should not be too interested in what the cost of the plan is because there may be hidden costs that may appear later. These include copayments, coinsurance, and any deductibles. Every cost for each plan will also differ.
  • Keep other benefits in mind that you may like to have coverage for. These additions include fitness and dental. Make sure to know what extras are allowed so that you can make a well-informed decision.
  • Ensure that the plan you choose includes prescription coverage and also the current medications that you take. This is important because each Medicare Advantage plan uses its own formulary which may differ between providers. A good example of a Medicare Advantage provider is WellCare. Prior to signing up, it is also important that you know for certain that your current medications are listed on their list. The reason why is because changes could occur without warning. When changes do occur your Medicare Advantage plan should notify you of them.

Remember, all Advantage Plans in WA State for 2022 may not be available in the county that you reside in and every cost may also differ. Being able to check availability is a great way to know that a plan will be perfect for your needs after having Medicare Advantage plans explained.

If you would like to learn more about Washington Medicare Advantage plans or would like to receive a free consultation and quote comparison, contact one of our experienced insurance agents at 855-249-0191. We would be happy in helping you with your Medicare journey.